3 reasons why I love having my own business as a language teacher

1. Extreme flexibility

When you’re a Language Teacher Rebel, you can set your own hours. You can also choose to move hours around. If you need to do something a particular date, you can shift your hours around to make up for it. You might wonder how this works for the learners. Won’t they be expecting you to have the same hours available every week? Some do, but most don’t. The reason why they come to you for language lessons online is flexibility. Many will come to you because they can’t attend a traditional language school for various reasons. They might travel for work. They may live far away from a language school. They may work irregular hours, or work from home. They appreciate the flexibility that you offer, and the vast majority will have no problems with you shifting hours and days around occasionally.

2. Reaching more people

Throughout my 10+ years as a Language Teacher Rebel, I have talked to doctors, nurses, midwives, authors, IT programmers, students, lecturers, managing directors, editors, archaeologists, solicitors, store managers, computer game designers, psychologists, priests, football coaches, sales people, HR people, marketing people, embassy workers, postmen, economists, bankers, musicians, film makers, translators, dancers, dog kennel owners, marine biologists, veterinary surgeons, post docs, PhD students, pharmacists, recruiters, entrepreneurs, unemployed and more.

3. Close relationships with clients

For me, a big part of the enjoyment of being a Language Teacher Rebel is the relationships you form with your learners. It is indeed possible to form close relationships in classrooms too, especially if you’re doing one-to-one teaching. However, I dare to say that this fades into insignificance compare to the relationships you form when you teach online.

I help language teachers to become Language Teacher Rebels by teaching the steps to set up and market their teaching online.